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Tophoric Group, LLC

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All About Rods is a program designed for anyone interested in learning about the history and construction of fishing rods - whether you want to learn to build a rod for your own use or for customizing for other anglers.  All About Rods presents a journey through the historical development of the fishing rod by moving from the days of early split bamboo rods to the high technology of modern graphite rods.  It provides a look into the many components of different types of fishing rods and how you can use them to create your own custom rod.


VHS - approximately 30 minutes


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Stonykill Films

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For over 50 years, Francis Degere has been making bamboo fly rods in his Adams, Massachusetts home.  "Digger," as he is known, spends at least 100 hours hand crafting each split-cane rod from a single culm of bamboo.  His skills and techniques are revealed as he teaches the craft to his apprentice, Fred Moran, thus passing the torch to the next generation.  Digger - Portrait of a Bamboo Fly Rod Maker is more than a document of a man and his craft; it is also a tribute to a way of life and work that is vanishing in our modern, mechanized world.

31 Minutes/Color

DVD Format


1973 The Anglers'
Club of New York

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DVD Format

Creating the Garrison Fly Rod

A Film by Hoagy Carmichael

This entertaining film show the legendary rod maker, Everett Garrison, in his workshop making a bamboo fly rod from the first detailed step to the completed rod.  We hear stories of past experiences and see Garrison fishing with a friend on the fabled Neversink River.  This is the only film that exists of any of the classic rod makers, and can be enjoyed by rod making enthusiasts and fly fishermen alike.  It is a logical addition to the library of those who own the award winning book, authored by Everett Garrison, A Masters' Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod.

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