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The Kathy Scott "Trilogy"  3 book collection 

 Moose in the Water / Bamboo on the Bench

Changing Planes & Brook Trout Forest


Three rods, Three reads, Three adventures

2012 Maine Literary Awards Finalist

"prose as spirited as a marten, heartwarming as a log fire"  Nick Lyons

Special pricing, $49.95 plus S&H

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In this, Kathy Scott’s fourth book, her daily journal entries merge into a deep interconnected root system that supports life of all kinds:  Fishermen of all ages, bamboo rod makers, writers, guides, teachers, artists, and even a happily oblivious gold dredger.  Young people standing in a river for the first time, feeling the energy of a bigger world.  They all are woven through the pages of Brook Trout Forest.

Come sit with Kathy on her back porch in the Maine woods.  The view from there is exquisite; you’d swear you can see all the way to the Arctic Circle.  Smell balsam and spruce and watch Kathy, alone, on a lichen speckled rock in a raging Labrador river.  Look west and you can see a Midwest farm pond and a feisty bluegill sipping your hand tied fly.

This is the stuff of Kathy’s books; the ‘gentle passions’ which form the protective canopy of her Brook Trout Forest.

"In Brook Trout Forest Kathy shares the joys and endearments of living simply and embracing a sense of place-commonalities among fly fishers everywhere.

Kathy knowingly writes:  'Well varnished cane endures.'  So do her words."

Joe Healy
Editor/Assoc. Publisher Fly Rod and Reel

"Another joyous trip through Kathy Scott's unique world.  An entertaining reading treat."

John “Duke” Welter
Trout Unlimited, Chairman National Leadership Council

"Everything she writes gives me a sense of having been there, I swear I can smell the fires she and Dave build at home deep in the woods of Maine."

Kelly Galloup
Guide, Author and Host, Fly Fishing TV

"Once again Kathy Scott invites us into her natural world with words that are as refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm day. In Brook Trout Forest she shares her passion for fly fishing, teaching, making bamboo rods and furled leaders, restoring Atlantic salmon, and exploring nature with an enthusiasm that is admirable and inspiring."

Jerry Kustich
Accomplished Rod Maker&Author

Brook Trout Forest

John C. Cole Literary Award
Finalist 2012

By: Kathy Scott
Illustrations by:  Kim Mellema
Hardcover, illustrated, 224 pages
ISBN  978-0-9657663-5-7

Price:  $24.95

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By: Kathy Scott
Illustrations by:  Kim Mellema
ISBN  0-9657663-4-0

Price:  $24.95

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In Changing Planes, Kathy Scott takes plane in hand, learning the craft from her husband, David Van Burgel, an experienced, highly talented, rodmaker. The nature of change, the changes in nature, and the inspirations of community are intertwined in the resulting engaging journal of their lives together. Making the rod becomes a metaphor for embracing the changes in life, changes where we find ourselves living on a different plane, still good, still to be celebrated, though not always easy to face. Readers of her other books will be pleased to continue her story; new readers will find an outdoor world they’ll love to share: Maine, Michigan, Labrador, the conservation community, the community that is rodmaking today. Anyone facing changes in his or her life will find themselves in these pages.

"With an appreciation of the inevitability of leaving it, Kathy Scott embraces the community of her choosing — good friends, good fish, fly fishers, builders, poets, the exuberant. Once you realize that you already have been invited to be a part of that community, you will want to read Changing Planes more than once. Trust me."

  - Tom Helgeson, Editor/ Publisher Midwest Fly Fishing magazine

“In Changing Planes Kathy Scott weaves a wonderful account of making her first bamboo rod with passionate reflections of living a life well-spent immersed in the natural beauty of Northwoods Maine. While her words flow like a crystal stream, her book sparkles like the brook trout that swim in it.”

  - Jerry Kustich, Angler, Author, Rod Maker

“Kathy Scott’s new book is a joy to read. Her best yet! 

Her zest for life comes out in a myriad of ways. She makes her first fly rod, she is involved in environmental work, is president of her local T.U. Chapter and loves to fish, all this while working a full time job.

Kathy shows great love for people and all of nature. You can’t help loving her and her book. Let’s hope she writes many more.”

- Mary Dette Clark, Continuing to carry on the traditions of the First Family of Catskill Fly Tyings

"In Headwaters Fall as Snow Kathy Scott takes us on a tour of a snow-covered North Woods in search of the truth that only a life of simplicity can reveal.  Along with her life companion David and dog Kodiak, Kathy shares with us the special time that falls between the end of one fishing season and the beginning of another.  Her words are easy and relaxing.  We catch a glimpse of frozen ponds, crippling ice storms, frolicking mink and emerging frogs of spring skillfully accented by the contemplative pursuit of crafting a split bamboo rod.  It is here where the headwaters are born which eventually rush into our rivers as melted snow, and, ultimately, flow into our dreams.  This is a world that many of us will never experience unless we are taken there by a friend who writes with a devoted sense of place, a wonderful place, in fact, where we all feel welcome."

- Jerry Kustich - author of At the River's Edge

"What an entertaining and thoughtful book on the Northern winters and their discrete pleasures and challenges.  Its prose is as spirited as a marten, as heartwarming as a log fire on an icy day.  I loved Kathy Scott's new book."

- Nick Lyons - author of Full Creel

"Once again, Kathy Scott enters our consciousness with a new collection of essays about home, nature and the nature of relationships.  Headwaters Fall as Snow echoes the themes of her earlier Moose In the Water, Bamboo on the Bench, but takes us further.

With prose that is deft and illuminating, Kathy ushers us to a late-summer fly fishing trip to Wyoming, back home to Maine, to her birth farm in Michigan and back to Maine.  Her words, appropriately because it is so much a part of her life and imagery, are like a first, heavy snowfall, pervasive, lovely, always accumulating to a final and revealing architecture."

- Tom Helgeson, publisher/editor Midwest Fly Fishing magazine

"I loved it.  The adventures, the information, the history and especially the optimism and strength.  Headwaters makes for great reading, especially for lest adventurous types, like me, who admire the energy, optimism, mental and physical preparedness and toughness Kathy Scott possesses to thrive and enjoy the Maine winters.  With all the practical knowledge about so many things at her young age -- imagine what she'll be writing when she's 70."

- Kim Mellema

"Whether her subject is the natural world, country living or bamboo fly rods, Kathy Scott writes with clarity, wisdom, good humor and joy.  Headwaters is a lovely book by an author of substance.

- Jerry Dennis, author of A Place on the Water and The Living Great Lakes

Nominated for 
the prestigious 
"Rutstrum Wilderness 
Author's Award."


By: Kathy Scott
Illustrations by:  Kim Mellema
ISBN  0-9657663-3-0

Price:  $21.95


By:  Kathy Scott
Illustrated By:  Michael Miling

Price:  $18.95

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In the bamboo subculture of fly fishing there are rodmakers who craft split cane fly rods and the anglers who use them.  Both share an appreciation for the detail and beauty of handmade excellence.  They also share a deliberate connection with the natural world evidenced by the places they frequent, the lifestyles they choose and the classic rods they prefer.

Moose in the Water/Bamboo on the Bench provides an intimate look into the rodmakers' world and the lives of two people who have followed in the footsteps of yesterday's artisans.  Set at the edge of the "North Woods" of Maine, it is a story of lasting relationships, of lakes and mountaintops, of dogs and rodmaking dogma, and of autumn landscapes made breathless by the resounding wing beats of migrating waterfowl.

With adventures in the "Wilds" of Maine, the Mountain West and Michigan's "Up North,"  Moose in the Water/Bamboo on the Bench is the journal of a partnership celebrating the out-doors, the inextricably intertwined world of the craftsman, and the deep meaning of friendship.


"At first glance, Moose in the Water/Bamboo on the Bench seems to be about making a split bamboo fly rod, but first impressions are often deceiving. Unlike a rodmaking manual, the charts, drawings and tables are missing.  Instead, the reader is offered prose in a lyrical style that tells a wonderful story.  This journal turned book is the tale of how a rodmaker, along with some trout and beaver, dogs, ducks, mice and men, all help to craft a culm of Asian cane into a special fly rod -- a fly rod that when complete becomes a magic wand."

- Ron Barch, editor of The Planing Form

"While building a fly rod is an exacting task, which doesn't lend itself to 'light reading,' Kathy Scott has combined that subject with everyday experiences in living and enjoying the great outdoors.  Her mixture moves us through a year of accomplishment and down-to-earth appreciation of the world in which she lives.  Most Enjoyable!

- Eileen Demarest

"This book tells an engaging story of friends and family brought together by their common interest in wilderness living, fly fishing and crafting a bamboo fly rod.  It will surely find its niche in the literature of camping, fly fishing and craftmanship.

- Harold Demarest

"A book for who loves to fly fish or one who loves a fly fisherman."

- A Reluctant Angling Wife

"With a touch of Thoreau, Ms. Scott's journal documents the meticulous but loving struggle of one man's quest to build the perfect bamboo fly rod while immersed in the splendor of Maine.  It is exactly the type of work I hope will flourish in the next age of fly fishing."

- Jerry Kustich, Rodmaker, Twin Bridges, Montana

About Kathy Scott

Growing up on a family farm in Northern Michigan, Kathy Scott, early in life, gained an appreciation for all things natural.  She carried this love of nature with her when she transplanted to Maine.  There, at the edge of the Great North Woods, she and husband David Van Burgel have chosen to live close to nature, sharing their chain of ponds with moose, mink and beaver.  Kat's passion to understand the natural world intertwines with David's dedication to handcrafting fine split bamboo fly rods; theirs is a lifelong immersion in the out-of-doors and the deep meaning of friendship.  When not in Maine or Michigan, they are most likely to be found with their dog Kodiak poking about wild places.

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