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Now available; a DVD with all 150 back issues, years 1990 to 2014 and a 174 page, hard copy index, organized in a 6 category table of contents.  Search more than 1500 pages of rod making history by dates, titles, authors, tapers, ads and places/events!

Never before in angling history has there been such an attempt to gather, edit and compile the knowledge found between these covers. With over 7 years worth of information on split bamboo rods along with international reader involvement, The Planing Form newsletter has kept the flame alive.  Among these pages a reader will get more than a glimpse into a craft turned art come and take an over-the-shoulder look at the world of split bamboo rods and rodmaking.  Join with dozens of craftsmen from around the world in this, the first five years (And then some!) of the Best of The Planing Form.  For those who share in and appreciate a time honored craft this book presents detailed, insightful, often ingenious articles such as:
  •  The magic and mystique of bamboo rods
  •  The tools, tricks and techniques
  •  Finishing from tip to grip
  •  Planing form designs
  •  Discussion of rod tapers (and diagrams)
  •  Attaching ferrules to bamboo
  •  Angler's guide to selecting a split bamboo rod
  •  Demystifying the split cane fly rod

The romance of a bamboo fly rod doesn't have to stop at the river's edge.  Discover and share in something unique from cane rod design to construction "how to's," along with in-depth analysis for those  who "always wanted a bamboo rod!"

Compiled & Edited By: R.J. Barch, Editor and Robert McKeon
ISBN  0-9657663-0-6
Price:  $29.95

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Compiled & Edited By: R.J. Barch, Editor and Robert McKeon
Price:  $35.00

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A split bamboo fly rod is the crown jewel in the angler’s treasure chest of gear.  For more than a century the secrets of split bamboo rodmaking were shrouded in mystery, available only to the persistent few.  But in the closing decades of the 20th century a “Renaissance” of split cane rodmaking occurred, and The Planing Form newsletter was there to document and share the secrets of a new golden age of rodmaking.

Now in Volume II of Best of The Planing Form the reader will discover the latest creative genius from professional and amateur craftsmen worldwide.   An international journey of the latest trends, techniques, and innovations found in today’s world of split bamboo rodmaking awaits the reader. 

Join with the international community of rodmakers as they share their knowledge and expertise of a once thought of lost art.  Learn from the “best” about topics such as:

  •  Why Bamboo?

  •  Tools, Tricks & Techniques

  •  Fly Rod Design

  •  Ferrules, Finishes, Grips & Guides

  •  The many faces of a Cane Rod

    •  Hexagonal (6 sided)

    •  Quadrate (4 sided)

    •  Hollow, Rectangular

    •  Even More!

The Best of The Planing Form II is an exciting exploration into the world of modern split bamboo rodmaking.  An adventure for both the angler and the craftsman!

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