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New offering!!

Get a DVD and/or index of the first 25 years of The Planing Form.

The DVD has all 150 issues of The Planing Forms first 25 years.

 The index shows information from the issues formatted in many forms.

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At Alder Creek publishing we believe a good book is like a good friend, both can enrich one’s life.  As an independent publishing house, specializing in split bamboo rodmaking and all things related, Alder Creek realizes that to make it in the big world of books we must provide unique, high interest material in a quality format.  Quite simply, that’s our goal.  Whether it’s a technical chapter on split bamboo rodmaking or a thought provoking nature essay, we hope that taking an Alder Creek title off of the shelf is like getting together with an old friend.

As you explore our offerings you’ll find titles for the angler, the craftsman, the weekend woodsman, and the contemporary Thoreau.  Titles for those who love to fly fish and those who love a fly fisherman. 

At Alder Creek we believe a good book should not only read well but look good too.  Attractive dust jackets, quality bindings and hard covers along with artistic illustrations make an Alder Creek title a visual as well a literary journey.   At Alder Creek we know that picking up a good book, feeling the strength of its spine and crispness of a page is still an important part of a “Good Read.”  I trust you’ll agree.


            Ron Barch

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